Bharatiya Gorkhali Welfare Association



Bharatiya Gorkhali Welfare Association is a non-political, non-profit social organization of the Indian Gorkhas of Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

BGWA was established in 1981 in Bangalore. It has been in the forefront serving the Gorkha community for the past three decades. In 1982, it submitted a memorandum to the then Vice President of India, Mr. B.D. Jatti, seeking the formation of a separate state for the Gorkhas of India. BGWA supported the inclusion of the Nepali language in the Eighth Schedule of the Indian Constitution (1982 to 1992). It was active in garnering support from the members of the parliament from Karnataka to include the Nepali language in the Eighth Schedule.

In a vastly populated country such as India it is difficult for minority communities such as the Gorkhas to register their presence. BGWA was established because communities like that of the Gorkhas must stand together to uphold and sustain their tradition, language and culture and work unitedly.

This website is designed to bring all the Bharatiya Gorkhas together to work for a better cause - for self, family, friends and society as a whole. We encourage active participation from every Gorkha in Bangalore.


Registered Office:

Bharatiya Gorkhali Welfare Association

Regd. No. 829

No. 2, Patel Cheluappa Street

Post J.C. Nagar

Bangalore 560006

Karnataka, India




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News and Updates

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