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BGWA helps a critically ill patient from Tindharia, Darjeeling in Bangalore

A person (named Nasir) hailing from Tindharia, Darjeeling district was admitted to St. John's Hospital, Bangalore. He was critically ill and was in the ICU for several weeks. He was working in a restaurant in Koramangala, Bangalore. The following members contributed money to help his family:

NAME (Amount in Rs)
Arathi Chettri  (1000)
Bigyan Subba  (1000)
Bishal Chhetri  (1000)
Dipendra Rai  (1000)
Pawan Sharma  (1000)
Ruben Dewan  (1000)
Sailendra Dewan  (1000)
Sachin Tewari  (708)
Ashim Chettri  (500)
Dhiraj Allay  (500)
Prajwal Thapa  (500)
Praveen Subba  (500)
Rewat Tuladhar  (500)

Thank you all.

BGWA help for a 2.5-year-old open-heart surgery patient from Darjeeling

After reading a notice posted in one of the Internet networking sites seeking help for a 2.5-year-old open-heart surgery patient in Bangalore, members of BGWA visited the little girl at a guest house near Narayana Hrudalaya in Bangalore on 29 August 2010. Little Abisna hailed from a very poor family in Ghoom, Darjeeling. Her father had expired recently and her mother was unemployed. She had two holes in her heart that needed immediate operation. After much trouble the patient and three people (including her mother) landed at Narayana Hrudalaya. The little girl had a successful open heart surgery on 19 August and was allowed to go back home to Darjeeling on 8 September.
BGWA members decided to help little Abisna's family by booking the train tickets (AC class) of the three people with Abisna to travel from Bangalore to NJP on 8 September 2010.

Below is the list of the members who contributed for the fare amount:

Bigyan Subba
Bishal Chhetri
Dhiraj Allay
Dipendra Rai
Nabin Dewan
Prajwal Thapa
Prasun Thapa
Praveen Subba
Pravin Rana
Rewat Tuladhar
Rishi Subba
Sailendra Dewan
Sonam Doma Lama
Yogita Thapa

BGWA thanks the contributors for their generous help. Click here to view Note of Thanks from Abisna's family published in Himalaya Darpan.

Gorkha Saanjh 2009

Bharatiya Gorkhali Welfare Association offers heartfelt thanks to all the Singers; Musicians; Dancers; Drama Actors and Assistants; Fashion Show Models, Choreographers and Designers; Makeup Artists; MCs; Sound Coordinators; Stage Coordinators; Poster and Backdrop Designer; and All Volunteers of Gorkha Saanjh 2009. Your efforts have made it possible for us to host this event. Special thanks to Shri Dilip Singh Thatal for gracing the occasion and to our Organization President Shri Bhim Darshan Thapa, members Shri K.B. Giri and Shri Digvijay Lahe and other senior members for their support and guidance.

BGWA also thanks all the guests and patrons of the Gorkha Saanjh for attending the show and for offering their support to the association despite the technical glitches that were incidental given our circumstances. We would like to reaffirm our belief and hope that their support will continue in the future in working together towards our vision of a United and Progressive Gorkhali Community.

Blood Donation Camp

Bharatiya Gorkhali Welfare Association, Bangalore organized a Blood Donation Camp to commemorate Shaheed Diwas on 2 August 2009 at the Rotary House of Friendship, Lavelle Road, Bangalore. BGWA thanks the following members for their invaluable participation in the Shaheed Diwas to make its a success:

Ajay Rai
Anku Sherpa
Ashim Chhetri
Binod Chhetri
Bishal Chhetri
Dipesh Thakuri
Jackie Rai
Joseph Tamang
Rakesh Thakuri
Rewat Tuladhar
Ruben Dewan
Sailendra Dewan
Sanjay Lama
Sneha Tuladhar
Sonam Doma Lama
Surya Lama
Tashi Tamang
Yougen Lama

Help For Anil Dewan

BGWA would like to thank all the association members and other individuals who came forward to help in the Anil Dewan's case at a short notice, some even after taking leave from office. The association is also grateful to members and individuals who have sent monetary contribution to meet the financial expenditure incurred in this humanitarian work.

Abinash Subba
Abishek Subba
Ajanta Bomzon
Ankit Tandon
Arnav Subba
Bidya Rai
Bigyan Subba
Bishal Thapa
Colonel PK Chhetri
Dalim Rai
Lydia Gurung
Nisha Khatri
Prajwal Thapa
Prasun Thapa
Prateek Thapa
Pratima Negi
Praveen Subba
Pravin Rana
Prayash Pradhan
Priya Chettri
Rewat Tuladhar
Rohini Gurung
Ruben Dewan
Rupak Rai
Sachin Tewari
Sailendra Dewan
Sikha Subba
Sonam Doma lama
Suman Giri
Sweta Rai
Vaskar Gurung
Wangchuk Tamang
Yugel Rai

Gorkha Saanjh 2008

Dear Friends, 

We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to those involved in making the Gorkha Saanjh a grand success, both in terms of showcasing quality performances as well as in being able to raise funds for the benefit of our community. We salute you!

On a special note, we would also like to record our profound gratitude to Mr. Thomas Abraham of IDEA Worldwide, who graciously agreed to be the sole sponsor of the event. We value friends like you sir. Our thanks to Mr. Binod Mukhia of Delicacy who was generous to arrange dinner for the volunteers and participants post the show. Thank you Binod daju!

Help For Gyalden Gurung      

BGWA thanks all of those who have contributed to the medical care of Gyalden Gurung at St. John's Hospital, Bangalore.

1 Anurag Lama
2 Anand
3 Anil Thapa
4 Arathi Krishnan
5 Arvind Krishnan
6 Bandana Gurung
7 Bhim Darshan Thapa
8 Bidya Rai
9 Bigyan Rai
10 Bishal Chhetri
11 Bishal Pradhan
12 Bishal Thapa
13 Col. P.K. Chhetri
14 Dammar Chhetri
15 Dayawanti Thakur
16 Dhiraj
17 Diwas Pradhan
18 Dunga
19 Gita Thakur
20 Hemant
21 Hemraj
22 Karan K.C.
23 Kavindra Rai
24 Krishnan Rangasami
25 Kunal
26 Laxmi Graphic
27 Mama Kesang
28 Mami Hmar
29 Manar Yojna Kalyan Samiti
30 Mekh Subba
31 Mikki Gurung
32 Mindarawa Pakhrin
33 Monisha Pradhan
34 N.B. Thapa
35 Navele Rayans
36 Nikku
37 Nindiya
38 Ninu Giurir
39 Pamela Krishnan
40 Paul Sharma
41 Pawan
42 Pooja Chettri
43 Prabhat
44 Prajwal Thapa
45 Pranami Rai
46 Praveen Subba
47 Punath Rai
48 R.C. Lama
49 Rajeev Dewan
50 Rajendra Singh Thakur
51 Ramesh Lama
52 Rinchen
53 Roshan
54 Ruben Dewan
55 Sachai
56 Sailendra Dewan
57 Samar
58 Sameer Kulkarni
59 Samir Chettri
60 Sanjeev Thakur
61 Saroj Rai
62 Shimana Khatri
63 Shyam Shahi
64 Sonam Doma Lama
65 Suburna Rai
66 Suman Giri
67 Sunil Thapa
68 Vaskar Gurung
69 Vikki
70 Wangchuk Tamang

We salute you all


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BGWA helps helps a critically ill patient from Tindharia, Darjeeling. Click here to read more.